Care Instructions


Our 925 Silver as well as Silver oxidised jewelry are selected with utmost love and care to stay with you for ever as a dear possession.
  1. Store these beautiful pieces in a Zip Lock Bag. This will restrict contact with air and prevent further oxidisation.
  2. Do not bring your jewelry in direct contact with Perfumes, soap, strong chemicals and excessive humidity.
  3. Store and handle your jewelry with care as they can be damaged by excessive force.

 Pashminas & Cashmere

We recommend all Pashminas and Cashmere stoles/scarves to be dry cleaned only. In case dry cleaning is not available, hand wash it separately in Cold Water. You may use a very mild shampoo for example a baby shampoo. Please ensure to dissolve it completely before handwashing it delicately in that water. 

Dry it in shade separately without hanging it as it may lose shape. 

We recommend you to use plastic zip locks to store away your Cashmere or Pashmina accessories. Store it in a cool and dry place. 


Handwash in cold water with a very mild detergent or dry clean only. Dry in shade.